Solutions for aging organizations:

Optimizing learning as a bridge between generations

What is the impact of an aging population to your organization? Is your organization possibly losing valuable knowledge due to a potential increase in retirement rates? Or is your organization underutilizing the capacity of older employees and the potential of younger generations?  What is the potential cost, for your company, of losing valuable knowledge due to an aging workforce?

What is intergenerational learning?

Enhancing learning between generations (intergenerational learning or IGL) is one approach that organisations can use to counteract the under-utilisation of older and younger employees and prevent potential loss of knowledge. If you want to know more click for a video or try a game about IGL.

Is your organization already aware of these issues, and interested in further maximizing the benefits of knowledge exchange between workers? Or is your organization just starting to deal with these issues? If so, then this web-site may have useful tools to help you deal with these problem. The benefits of using intergenerational learning include: prevent the loss of critical knowledge and skills, improve older worker mobility, increase older and younger worker competence and stimulate innovation.

Interested in implementing IGL? The IGL Toolkit can help you!

This web-site is the outcome of an European project called SILVER which aimed at developing a Toolkit to implement intergenerational learning interventions for organizations. You can also find research-based evidence in relation to the interventions developed by the SILVER project.

Click here to download the IGL Toolkit zipfile!


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